What's included:

Breakletics® HIIT the Beat is the new trend in group fitness. Learn everything you need to give awesome Breakletics® classes which leave your students begging for more! You can now become an officially certified Breakletics® HIIT the Beat trainer with our online certification.

  • 1-year BREAKLETICS® license

  • Ingenious online learning concept with real master trainer feedback

  • Absolute flexibility: learn when you have the time to

  • Access to the Trainer Area with over 100 videos

  • Six fully designed 60-minutes classes

  • 1 mixtape with the official Breakletics® music for your classes

  • An Adidas Breakletics® top

  • No license fees


You will get much more than what you pay for!

Elements Normal price
Breakletics® license Invalueble
Multiple times direct detailed feedback from our master trainers via video and text during your online certification (almost like a private session!)
499 EUR
Access to the Trainer Portal with over 100+ videos
199 EUR
Breakletics Trainer Shirt by Adidas
49 EUR
Constantly updated customizable digital marketing material: Digital flyers, videos, presentation & more
149 EUR
Six complete classes
69 EUR
Breakletics® Mixtape
29 EUR
Total value of the certifiaton 994 EUR


“Breakletics is much more than a workout. Everything about it is so much fun and also gratifying on a deep level. I've never seen my students so happy. Some of them even tell me that the workout has changed their lives. It certainly has changed mine. ”

Group fitness trainer

Theresa Trübenbach

“First I was a little worried about the movements since I have no background in dancing or breakdancing. But they made it so simple! Every exercise can be explained in 3 steps or less and you just need seconds to learn them. Also, there are different variations for really any fitness level, regardless of age, weight or experience. I love it!”

Group fitness trainer

Minni Stöger

“Breakletics HIIT the Beat thought out down to the last detail. It's fun to work with such a professional team. They even provide free promotional material. Also, the mix of functional fitness, HII-training and motivating music is fully in line with the current trends. Our studio members have found their new favorite class!”

Studio owner

Gerdhard Laister


Online certification

The Breakletics® HIIT the Beat certification is the most complete and comprehensive group fitness training in the fitness market. We have certified hundreds of successful trainers already and now it was time to put all our knowledge and experience together and compress it into this online training!

For the first time ever you can get the same quality training online. How? We have over 100+ detailed videos which teach everything you need to give your own classes.

You can speed things up and get your certificate in only 2 weeks or you can take your time and learn at your own pace. You have full flexibility!

Also, our experienced master trainers will analyze your videos and give you detailed feedback every step along the way. Don't worry, you will never feel left alone. We will do everything to ensure that you become an excellent Breakletics® HIIT the Beat trainer!


  • 01

    LEVEL 1: Concept Breakletics

    Show Content
    • Welcome to your new life as a Breakletics® trainer!
    • ++++ RULES +++++
    • Learn how to use this course
    • Theory: What is Breakletics® HIIT the Beat?
    • Practice: Put on your gym clothes and try your first Breakletics® HIIT the Beat class!
    • Technical instruction for the course
    • Quiz: Concept Breakletics
  • 02

    LEVEL 2: Basics

    Show Content
    • What are basics and why are they important?
    • Basics Theory
    • Basics Practice
    • Quiz: Basics
  • 03

    LEVEL 3: Breakletics Level system

    Show Content
    • What is the Breakletics level system and why is it so helpful for your classes?
    • Concept of the Level System
    • Basic Step Squat – Tutorial
    • Basic Step Squat – Original
    • Basic Step Squat – Twice each side
    • Basic Step Squat – Back and forth
    • Basic Step Jumps – Original
    • Basic Step Jumps – After every step
    • Basic Step Burpees – Original
    • Basic Step Burpees – After every step
    • Basic Step Burpees – One hand
    • Basic Step Burpee – After every step + One hand
    • Basic Step Burpees – Jump
    • Basic Step Powerburpees – Original
    • Basic Step Powerburpees – After every step
    • Common Mistakes
    • Your assignment
    • How to upload your exam video
    • Upload your video for Level 3
    • Quiz: Level system
  • 04

    LEVEL 4: Exercises

    Show Content
    • Breakletics Categories
    • The 4 different categories of Breakletics exercises
    • Learn all exercises
    • Access to the Trainer Area
    • Watch the videos from the Trainer Area and become a Breakletics expert
    • How to explain the exercises
    • How to teach mirror-inverted
    • How to add push ups to a variation
    • Common mistakes in exercises
    • Bottom Up Common Mistakes
    • Cross Crunches Common Mistakes
    • Side to Side Pushups Common Mistakes
    • Step Cross Common Mistakes
    • Step Kick Common Mistakes
    • Two Step Common Mistakes
    • Your assignment
    • Quiz: Exercises
    • Upload your video for Level 4
  • 05

    LEVEL 5: Interval Breaks

    Show Content
    • Important components of your workout
    • Breaks during the workout
    • Different types of breaks
    • Type 1: Static break
    • Type 2: Active break
    • Type 3: Power break
    • Quiz: Interval breaks
  • 06

    LEVEL 6: Routines

    Show Content
    • The idea of the Routines
    • What are Routines?
    • What are transitions?
    • Transition 1: Plank to squat and back
    • Transition 2: Plank to L-sit and back
    • Transition 3: Squat to L-sit and back
    • Transition 4: Squat to supine position and back
    • Example video of a routine
    • Common mistakes
    • Your assignment
    • Upload your videos for Level 6
    • Quiz: Routines
  • 07

    LEVEL 7: How to create a workout

    Show Content
    • What you will learn in this level
    • Structure of the class
    • How the music is structured
    • Use the Trainer Area
    • How to use the Trainer Area to prepare your classes
    • Quiz: How to create a workout
  • 08

    LEVEL 8: Warm Up & Cool Down

    Show Content
    • Importance of Warm Up and Cool Down
    • How to Warm Up
    • Example video – Warm Up
    • How to Cool Down
    • Example video – Cool Down
    • Quiz: Warm Up & Cool Down
  • 09

    LEVEL 9: Dos and Don'ts

    Show Content
    • Being a Breakletics Trainer
    • Dos
    • Don'ts
    • Detailed summary of permitted, desired and forbidden behaviour
    • Quiz: Do's and Dont's
  • 10


    Show Content
    • How to bring everything together
    • Example class video
    • Common mistakes
    • Important information about your exam video
    • Upload you final exam video


Do you like bonus material? We sure do. Sign up for the online certification and get MORE!

  • Trainer Area

    Additional to above mentioned training material you will get access to 100+ more videos, helping you to prepare each of your classes in an easy and simple way!

  • Adidas Breakletics® Shirt

    Show the world that you got what it takes to be a Breakletics® trainer with our high quality trainer shirt made by our partner Adidas. You cannot buy it, you can only earn it!

  • Free advertising material

    Spread the word about your classes with our free digtal advertising material! Other fitness concepts make you pay for this, but we won't.


Got questions?

  • How does the online certification work?

    We have over 100 videos which will teach you everything you ever need to know to give amazing Breakletics classes. The content is divided into different levels. Only after you completed one level you get access to the next one. We will examine your process through online quizzes. Also you will need to upload a video of yourself at certain points of the online certification. Then you will get detailed video feedback from our experienced master trainers. This is like having your own personal training session! Do not worry, you can record your videos with your phone and we made it really simple to upload them! Also our support team will help you if you have any problems.

  • Will I become a Breakletics trainer when I book this certification?

    After you completed the course, you need to send us a full class video. Our master trainers will examine it and determine, if you implemented all the lessons you learnt. Just as in our on-site certifications you will only get the license after you pass this exam. But do not worry, if you made it this far, we are sure you will have no problems to pass the exam! If you do not pass the exam, you will get detailed feedback and another free try. Additional tries will cost you 49 USD.

  • What are your requirements? Do I need to be a dancer?

    There are no requirements! We made Breakletics so that EVERYONE can do it. Above all, no experience in dancing or even breakdancing is required. However, we recommend experience in teaching fitness classes. If you are still not sure, we recommend you to try out our free class here:

  • Can I earn money with Breakletics? Who will pay me?

    Breakletics trainers are freelancers and offer their services to gyms. The gym will pay you for giving Breakletics classes and attracting new customers. Our trainers made the experience that they can charge more for giving Breakletics classes, because it is still such a unique and special class. Also we will support you with FREE digital advertising material!

  • How can I extend my license?

    Each year your license has to be extended. For this you need to pay 49 USD and also send us a new video of yourself teaching a class. Our master trainers will examine it and determine, if you still got what it takes to be a Breakletics trainer! If you do not pass, you will get another free try. Please notice that we do not charge license fees. The payment of 49 USD is examination of your video.

  • How much do I need to pay for updates?

    You have the opportunity to purchase new content, here is an overview: Update Moves (New exercises & Workout compliations) – 35 USD, Update Music - (New Music) – 35 USD, Update Music & Moves - 55 USD